Anchorage Child Photography | Halloween Mini Sessions!

It’s almost that time of year! I’ve had my pumpkin spice candles going for a couple weeks now, so to say I’m ready for fall would definitely be an understatement. Leaves are changing and it’s starting to become colder and colder so let’s get ready for Halloween!

I haven’t done this before, so I’m just trying it out, but this year I’m offering Halloween mini sessions! I want to see some adorable kids in my studio proudly dressed in their costume for the year. I will provide props and this awesome backdrop from Roses and Ruffles pictured below.

If you haven’t already seen me doing pictures of her, this is my awesome daughter who at this point, is pretty comfortable in front of the camera and always willing to model for me.

Halloween Mini Sessions are only $60! They will include 3 digital images and I can fit up to 3 kiddos on my backdrop. Follow the link below to book!

Halloween Mini Sessions


Anchorage Newborn Photographer | "Y" Newborn

I often have parents that come to me that want to do a newborn session, but are concerned their baby is too old. I have had newborns up to 8 weeks old, and it takes a little more patience, but it definitely can be done! I know that most newborn photographers prefer baby to be between 5 and 15 days old (or a variation of that), but I am always willing to give it a try! Usually what it means is that your session will take a lot more patience, and we may not be able to get baby into all the normal things I do with newborns, but I can guarantee you'll still receive some beautiful images.

This baby girl was 7 weeks old when she came to me. Mom requested a few different setups, including some "rainbow baby" setups, and I'm in love. I have rainbow baby props but it isn't a request I get too often, so I got to pull out all my props and have some fun. Not surprisingly, we had a bit of a struggle getting baby girl to settle for her photos, but once she was asleep, she was so easy and we got lots of great photos for her momma! Mom had chosen my wrapped mini session, so baby stayed wrapped for all the photos. I LOVE the wrapped mini sessions. You still receive beautiful photos of your baby, but its a lot less stress because you can sit back and relax, and we can get photos of baby even if they stay awake the entire time. 

"The greater the storm, the brighter the rainbow." 

"Y" Newborn!


Anchorage Newborn Photographer | "L" Newborn

I had so much fun meeting this gorgeous baby girl for her newborn session. She was born at 32 weeks, so she spent some time in the NICU before she was able to come see me, and this little girl is a fighter. She is also hands down the smiliest newborn I think I've ever had! I'm so impressed with her ability to smile for family photos. 

She has an older sister with the biggest blue eyes and pretty curls and I'm so happy for this family. I can't wait to see baby girl again for her sitter session! 


Anchorage Cake Smash Photographer | Cake Smash Bucket List!

I love cake smashes because they allow me to be creative and come up with fun ideas for the cake smash theme you want. And I have had some AMAZING cake smash themes. Science, Bam Bam, Evel Knievel, etc. I loved all of them. 

This is my cake smash bucket list. These are the themes I have so many ideas for that I am just dying for someone to ask me to do one, so I've discounted the price in hopes someone will let me do these for them.

This discount is ONLY for the full cake smash package. The full package is regularly $299 and includes cake, outfit, setup, props, etc, you just need to bring baby! This package also includes 15 digital images. If you choose one of my bucket list ideas, your session will be $249. 

I am only offering ONE of each session, so please message me ASAP if you see one you want to take! 

UPDATE: Alaska theme has been taken! 

bucket list1.jpg

Anchorage Cake Smash Photographer |"S" Cake Smash

How cute is the setup for this little cake smash? Fun fact about this little girl; I did her mom's maternity session while she was pregnant with her and their sessions are always some of my favorites. 

Baby girl started out a little timid about wanting to get into the cake (check out that one finger move!), but by the end of it, she was as covered in cake as everyone else is. 

Big thank you to Lesley's Cakes, LLC for the super cute piggy smash cake!

"S" Cake Smash!