Eagle River Twin Newborn Photography | "T" Family Twin Newborns

Remember back in January when I said I was going to be awesome sauce this year and keep up with blogging. Fail. This session happened back in March and here I finally am, leaves on the trees and wearing short sleeves instead of bundled up and shivering like I was in March when I did this shoot.

Yay for twins! As a newborn photographer in Eagle River, Alaska, newborn multiple sessions are rare. So I get super excited every time one books with me.

These are the busiest parents ever. Newborn twin boys, and a very active 2 year old big sister. Whew. I got sleep deprived just thinking about that. Their parents are so much fun, and we found out that we both have kiddos with the initials "TNT" so we knew we were going to get along. 

Already I could see the differences in their little personalities. So sweet!