Anchorage Cake Smash Photography | "M" Mermaid Cake Smash

It might not come as a surprise to anyone that I love cake smashes. I do a lot of cake smashes, and every time someone comes to me with a new cake smash idea, all I can think of is the possibilities. 

When people ask me for suggestions on cake smash themes, I always have a list of ideas or themes that I would like to do or are my favorites that I've already done. So when my client came to me and said she wanted to do a mermaid cake smash, one of the themes at the verrrrry top of my list, I was excited. And then it just so happened that I had another person request a milestone session on the same day. So I had two adorable little 1 year olds in my studio on the same day for a mermaid session and I was in heaven. Aqua, and lavender and glitter? You had me at aqua.

I got to do this little lady's newborn session, and a couple of sessions in between, and I can't tell you how honored I am when clients come to me for all of the first year's milestones. Tiny people change such an incredible amount in the first year of life, and it's so fun for me to see a tiny newborn turn into a toddler eating cake. Here is this little lady at her newborn session. I remember her well, she had the most beautiful, soft newborn skin.


And she's still just as gorgeous 12 months later!

Baby "M" Mermaid Cake Smash!