Mini Sessions

Eagle River Child Photography | Valentine's Day Mini Sessions!

Valentine's Mini Sessions are so fun. I get to design a set up around pink and red and hearts, and I get to pick up a million different props to go with the backdrop. Joanns, Micheals, and I are besties, I'm telling you. They probably cackle and start throwing money in the air when I walk in. I'm thankful to have those stores so close to me, but I would do bad things for a Hobby Lobby or a TJ Maxx. I'm always jealous of photographers in the lower 48 because they have those stores all over the place. The next time I head out of state, I'm bringing looooots of extra suitcases just to fill with stuff from those places. 

Anyway, back to the mini sessions. I had so many sweet kiddos come in for these! And I got to meet so many different parents, and we had so much fun. I'm already planning my next mini sessions, for spring/Easter. If you haven't checked out my Facebook page, go check it out, and join my VIP/model call group so that you'll be the first to know when these sessions are up for grabs! I'll also be posting a model call to get some kiddos in to show off my spring/Easter sets. That will also be posted in the VIP/model call group first, and the model calls go FAST! 

Anyway, LOVE!

Anchorage and Eagle River Children Photographer | Valentine's Day Mini Sessions!

So, I have so many ideas for these sessions, I might not even be able to fit it all in. But my approach to children's photography is to mostly just play and let them be themselves while trying to get some good pictures, so I feel like having multiple setups will be a good thing!

We'll have balloons, flowers, red (washable!) paint, mini canvases for said paint to go on, hearts, and LOVE! (The painting is completely optional. I totally understand that putting your child in their nice clothes and then giving them RED paint is not going to be appealing to everyone.)

Sessions will be January 21st from 10am until 3pm. Spots will be 30 minutes and include 5 digital images. Spots are going quickly, contact me to book your spots quickly!