Eagle River Newborn Photography | "S" Newborn

We're in January. I have a little bit of a hard time with January every year here in Alaska. It's dark, cold, and it seems like winter will never end.  I'm still remembering this time last year though, and it was cold with almost no snow, so I'm super grateful for the amount of snow we have this year, especially the 7 inches we got Friday night! I was looking at photos of last January, and we had a lovely ice rink in our front yard (not by choice) with lots of dead brown grass surrounding it, so our fresh snow outside has made everything into a winter wonderland.

Just for a reminder, this is my son in our yard last year:

Yuck. (To all that ice and dead grass, not my child. :))

Anyway, because this month is long for me, I LOVE when people bring their tiny babies to me, it's like a ray of sunshine in my studio. This sweet girl was no exception. This was this family's first baby girl so when I asked mom what colors she preferred, and she told me to bring on the pink, I knew we would get along great. (Pink is my favorite color and I don't think I'll ever get tired of it.)

Sweet baby "S"!