Eagle River Child Photography | "P" Cake Smash

It's February already! We've made it through the longest month of the year, and I'm fairly sure instead of only being a month, January was at least 3 months this year. We got so much snow, which for sure helps with the gloominess. The other thing that helps is the parade of kiddos that come through my studio, for sure brightening my day every time!

I love cake smashes, they are so much fun to watch happen. I know that we see pictures all over the internet of kiddos absolutely digging into their cake, making a huge mess, but I can tell you that that is the exception, and not the rule. Most kids are pretty timid about it, so it definitely takes some convincing, and even some just putting cake in their mouth, to let them know its ok, it tastes good! This little man started out timid, but once we were able to get a good bite of cake in his mouth, he loved it! He still was a little timid about getting his hands dirty, but his mom wasn't, so we managed to feed him some bites and we still had fun. 

Speaking of his cake, his mom made it. I'm always so impressed when parents bring homemade cakes in because I tried to make a smash cake for my daughter's first birthday and it was definitely a Pinterest fail. How cute is this cake though? So much more skill than I have.

Maybe I need to practice making cakes, that actually sounds pretty fun. I can be my own taste tester! 

Anyway, baby "P" cake smash!

Look at those eyes! So gorgeous!