Eagle River Child Photography | Valentine's Day Mini Sessions!

Valentine's Mini Sessions are so fun. I get to design a set up around pink and red and hearts, and I get to pick up a million different props to go with the backdrop. Joanns, Micheals, and I are besties, I'm telling you. They probably cackle and start throwing money in the air when I walk in. I'm thankful to have those stores so close to me, but I would do bad things for a Hobby Lobby or a TJ Maxx. I'm always jealous of photographers in the lower 48 because they have those stores all over the place. The next time I head out of state, I'm bringing looooots of extra suitcases just to fill with stuff from those places. 

Anyway, back to the mini sessions. I had so many sweet kiddos come in for these! And I got to meet so many different parents, and we had so much fun. I'm already planning my next mini sessions, for spring/Easter. If you haven't checked out my Facebook page, go check it out, and join my VIP/model call group so that you'll be the first to know when these sessions are up for grabs! I'll also be posting a model call to get some kiddos in to show off my spring/Easter sets. That will also be posted in the VIP/model call group first, and the model calls go FAST! 

Anyway, LOVE!