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Anchorage Senior Photographer | "C" Senior

You guys. It's been so cooooooold. I'm talking so cold that the other day I walked out my front door and thought Oh! It feels warmer today! It was 6 degrees. SIX. DEGREES. So just the fact that I thought that was warm tells you how its been for the last couple weeks. But I'm really hoping this is a precursor to what our summer looks like, because although its been way too cold, it's been nonstop clear and sunny. As I'm typing this, it's 2 degrees outside. Hurry up (sunny) Alaskan summer! 

I've been dreaming about warmth so I thought I would post a session that I did in the fall with fall colors, and it was clearly warm enough that we were all comfortable in long sleeves and no coat. 

I loved this session. Mom kept telling me that my girl here was not super into having her picture taken, but by the end of this session, we were laughing and having so much fun that it wasn't even work anymore. And look how gorgeous she is. Effortlessly, might I add. Because I do a lot of child portraits, every time I get someone in front of my camera that will follow directions and laugh with me, it's a good day.

"C" Senior!