Anchorage Cake Smash Photography | "M" Winter One-Derland Smash

I kind of hate to admit this. But every once in a while I terrify a kid. I don’t want to scare kids, I love kids, so this is always semi heartbreaking to me. But it happens.

This session was one of those sessions where I TERRIFIED a kid. There is a “stranger danger” phase some kids go through (my daughter went through it and it lasted a solid year and a half) and this sweet girl wanted NOTHING to do with me. I had to stay pretty far back for this session because every time I moved in for some closer pictures, I would make this poor girl cry.

I loved the set up for this session. Mom wanted light blue, white, and silver, and I ran with it. I used my very favorite baker in Eagle River, Lesley’s Cakes, LLC, and her cakes are not only beautiful, but taste AMAZING. I can happily admit that sometimes when a kid doesn’t completely smash their cake, I will eat some of the untouched parts after they leave. It’s that amazing. If you do a cake smash with me, and want to leave me your cake, I will happily take it. If you want to take it with you, I will box it up for you and probably head down to Lesley’s and get myself a cake pop to make up for it. I love cake.

“M” Winter One-derland!