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Eagle River Maternity Photography | "P" Family Maternity

You guys want to see a picture of the world's bravest mom? I'm going to show you.

I have a favorite spot for photography. Mountain views, water views, skyline views, it has it all. So when I suggested this spot for maternity photos, what didn't occur to me was how COLD it would be. I also provide maternity dresses for my shoots, so when she said she wanted to do this pretty blush pink, I was excited because 1. I love pink and 2. I thought it would add some warmth to the pictures. LOL. It was the beginning of March in Alaska, everything is covered in snow, good one Karen. 

When I dropped her dress off to her before her shoot, I knew she would rock this shoot because this girl is GORGEOUS. 

Anyway, the day arrived, and it happened to be during our cold snap. We get up to where we're going and it's a solid 10 degrees. With a wind. Nooooo! So "P" family arrives and I warn them about the cold, and they still want to continue (see, brave.). So I know regardless, that I have to be FAST about this because who wants to be up a mountain without a coat on for long in that cold? We did manage  to get some chatting in between chattering teeth and I found out that mom and dad are SO EXCITED to be having a boy.

Anyway, we managed to get it done in record time and back off the mountain and into the warm truck with recommendations of warm baths and warm drinks. And only a couple weeks later I got to meet their sweet little man and do newborn photos for them.