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Eagle River, Alaska Child Photography | Baby "F" Turns 1! {Peters Creek, Alaska}

A big huge (and now belated) happy birthday to this sweet little man! (I swear, one of these days I will be more on top of blogging!)

One of my absolute favorite things to photograph are individual 1 year olds. They are just so unbelievably cute and smiley! This little guy was no exception, and I'm considering asking his mom to be my assistant because I think she may have worked harder at this photo shoot than I did, all these smiley photos are all in total thanks to her. ;) THANK YOU!!

We were a little worried about rain this day, and Baby F's mom may have found out just how terrible I am with directions (I'm sorry!), but we got to the park, and no rain! We even had a cute little umbrella for him to hold just in case that we ended up bringing out for him to hold, but it wasn't necessary.

The eyes on this little man! What a doll!!

I will be doing their family photos again in a couple weeks, stay tuned for more adorableness from that session!